Quantum Touch Healing

" Energy Flows where Attention Goes" - Tony Robbins


Balance Heal & Remove Blockages with Life Force Energy!

All Healing is Self Healing

Your body has an extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal itself. Given the right physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual environment, the natural state of the body is perfect health.

Although all healing is self-healing, Quantum Touch can powerfully assist you in expediting your healing process.

Quantum Touch utilizes resonance and entrainment to bring high vibration, life force to a healing session. It is a gentle yet powerful method of healing, which assists your innate ability to heal.

Quantum Touch can help with a wide range of Physical, Mental and Emotional symptoms,

including a positive impact on postural problems including…

Reducing Back, Neck & Joint pain

Realigning Skeletal Structure

Balancing Organs, Glands & Systems

Reducing Muscle Tension & Inflammation

Headaches & Migraines

Balancing & Energising Chakras

Expedited Recovery from Injuries

Burns, Skin Conditions and lots more...

In addition, receiving Quantum-Touch always leaves the recipient in a deep state of calm and overall wellbeing.

Quantum touch can be received in person, although 95% of sessions are given as remote distance healing. Healing at a distance is exactly the same as healing in-person. In the Quantum world we live in, space and time are no barriers to healing.

The number of sessions required will vary, depending on the individual, what you wish to accomplish & the degree of your issue. A single session may be sufficient; however, this is not always the case, and sometimes a series of sessions can be more beneficial.

Sessions Can be in Person or Remote via Zoom Video Link
Sessions Cost £55 - 1 Hour
Block Booking of 4, 1 Hour Sessions Discount Available
Free Email Consultation - Please Contact for Further Details


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